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   Wuhan Caishengqi Trading, the world's leading agent of high-quality cosmetics, skin care products and light luxury products.Since its establishment in 09,2019, it has developed into a network of 800 chain counters across the country, and has been cooperating with multiple large enterprises for years. It has established multiple offline and online store branches, with a large and stable customer base. It is a well-known brand in China's beauty agency industry.

enterprise culture


企业文化/ enterprise culture

美妆,让生活更精彩,我们的代理,让您与美更近一步。 Beauty makeup, make life more wonderful.Because of our agent, let you and the beauty one step closer.

企业精神/ spirit of enterprise

追求卓越,创造美丽,我们的产品让您的生活更精彩。 The pursuit of excellence, create beauty, our products make your life more exciting.

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